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  • Discover Your Smile OOH

Discover Your Smile

Client: TUI
Brand: Thomson

Thomson provides brilliant and unique holidays, that are designed from the bottom up with customers in mind and always push the boundaries of what’s possible with a package holiday. But more than that, their holidays are literally transformative: both of the package holiday offering and of the people that go on them, leaving customers feeling like their best selves again. Only a great package enables and accelerates this transformation and only with a Thomson holiday can you get back to your best self quicker.

We made a fantastic start at telling the story of transformation with their previous campaign, featuring Simon the Ogre, but we needed to get even more people to understand how great their holidays are, and most importantly, bring the Thomson brand into a clear focus.

Our idea needed to be something that both continued the story of transformation, but also had the Thomson brand firmly at its heart. And for this we hit on Miles the Bear, a one-eyed, raggedy but utterly loveable bear who rediscovers his smile on a Thomson holiday. When we meet him, he is feeling a bit low, ground down (as we all are at times) by everyday life – for him, the daily drudgery of being a well-loved teddy bear. His routine is disrupted forever once he’s taken on holiday to a Thomson resort in Jamaica , which, bit by bit, cheers him up and help him discover his smile again. 

He’s our vehicle for symbolising the wonders that only a Thomson holiday can work, and the big fat grin that he ends up with looks, funnily enough, almost exactly like the smile of the Thomson logo, ensuring the unforgettable presence of Thomson in this tale.

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