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Food making you uncomfortable?

Client: Thornton & Ross
Brand: WindSetlers

You may have seen our TV ad spot for WindSetlers, featuring a vocal and highly fashion-critical plate of Sea Bass and mussels delivering a stinging put-down, right in the middle of a lady’s date.

Sea Bass are a notoriously rude and insensitive fish.

We wrote and produced the spot for the leading independent pharmaceutical company Thornton & Ross, which owns the WindSetlers brand.

WindSetlers is an over the counter remedy for trapped-wind, so our creative team knew they had an interesting job on their hands; digesting the innate embarrassment and humour around the issue to produce one of our favourite pieces of creative work of the year so far.

It’s the first TV activity Thornton & Ross has undertaken with WindSetlers since 2009, and the ad, the first of two to be aired this year, represents a significant creative change in its traditional approach to the brand.

“The creative concept Bray Leino have come up with effectively delivers our brand message from an entertaining and original new angle,” said Hayley Redfern, Brand Manager at Thornton & Ross. “This is an interesting change of direction for us, and one we believe will resonate with our audience in a way that few other brands are currently achieving in this space.”

It would’ve been a crime not to latch on to the humorous nature of this project. “You look like his mum in that dress,” yells the fish from its plate, right in the middle of the restaurant.

“Food making you feel a little uncomfortable?” asks the voiceover as the horrified object of his criticism sits dumbfounded. “Get some relief with WindSetlers.”

This work is our latest in a series of inventive and original campaigns, and continues to demonstrate Bray Leino’s creative muscle. The next ad will air later in the year.

“These new spots are a creative step-change for our client Thornton & Ross, and further evidence of the creative renaissance at Bray Leino,” said Jon Elsom, Bray Leino’s Executive Creative Director. “The funny, crafted, well-observed scenarios strike a chord and keep repeating on you.”

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