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Danepak - 'Perfekt Moments'

Client: Tulip Ltd
Brand: Danepak

How TV was used to reignite consumer interest and create a level of emotional engagement in a brand that hadn’t spoken to consumers beyond the supermarket shelves for many years.

Although Danepak has a long heritage, the brand had been dormant in advertising for many years. It was no longer front of mind for consumers and was not a brand they considered other than at the shelf. Investment in the brand was required not only to enter the hearts and minds of consumers once again, but also to demonstrate to secure and expand retail distribution.

The remaining equity in the brand was also further eroded by the highly competitive price promotional nature of the category, by constant discounting and extra value offers in store.


Business objectives
• To be a £75 million retail value brand by the end of 2013

Marketing objectives
• Protect current and drive additional distribution of Danepak                  brand across key UK retailers
• Differentiate Danepak in a commoditised category.
• Establish Danepak as the quality brand in the category.
• Drive consumer trial and penetration into the brand, whilst maintaining Average Weight of Purchase (AWP) and purchase frequency.

The Solution

Creative Route
Although Danepak had a strong Danish heritage, it became apparent that ‘Danish’ would turn more people off than on. The current trend for ‘British is best’ also brought with it animal welfare concerns publicised heavily by TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver. We simply couldn’t hang our hat on it.

The route to success lay in a simple truth: Perfect moments. In our increasingly hectic world where moments to enjoy life’s pleasures have become aspirational, Danepak creates a moment to savour. The superior quality of the bacon vs own label, combined with the sensory pleasure, creates a perfect product experience.

We set our minds to growing the emotional attraction of indulging in ‘perfect moments’ to create a special feeling around Danepak. Adopting a Lover archetype was natural fit; setting our warm, rich tone full of passion, indulgence and intimacy.

To ensure we retained the Danish heritage so intrinsic to the brand, we inferred the Danish heritage through a simple re-spelling of perfect, to the Danish ‘perfekt’.

The Campaign

• Savour the Moment – real people enjoying ‘perfekt moments’
• Gastronomic pleasure that indulges all senses – clutter of daily life
momentarily forgotten for pure perfection
• TV perfect medium for ‘fame’ and emotional connection of the creative idea with target audience

The Media

• Targeted aspirational quality food programming with Channel 4 over twelve month period
• Channel 4 in tune with ‘Lover’ archetype, providing intimate sensory experience at peak airtime
• Upweighted towards end of week to tie in with weekend peak in consumption
• Underpinned by More4 food programming to provide daily exposure

The Results

We are well on our way to achieving our business objective as brand value stands at £47.8 million, (as at w/e 20th Feb 2011).

Rob Stroud, Danepak Brand Controller, said: “The strategy put in place by Bray Leino has delivered well beyond expectations; not only has it had a significant effect upon consumer sales, it has resulted in a greatly improved trading environment for Danepak which is essential for the brand to deliver the longer term growth targets.”


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