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Data in a digital world

09 June, 2011 - Source: BrightBlueDay

In the early noughties data became the dinosaur of the communications world – digital (the web, email etc) quickly became the leading channel and the rest is history... Download the full insight below.

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Gamification: A sprinkle of fun

01 July, 2011 - Source: BrightBlueDay

The use of game mechanics to motivate people is nothing new. But combine them with the new world of ubiquitous computing, smartphones, accelerometers, GPS, cameras and inexpensive sensors, and our whole lives can be turned into a game.

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Giving your customers reasons to love you

26 April, 2011 - Source: BrightBlueDay

Our Chairman takes a look at how to improve customer retention. I have been thinking about the brands we love and how to improve customer retention. Let me tell you a couple of stories. View the full story on The Marketing Donut

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Our view on social media and the wine industry

10 May, 2011 - Source: BrightBlueDay

With a new breed of social-savvy producers and distributors and more people than ever sharing their opinions online, the balance of power in the wine industry is shifting. As these newcomers establish themselves, are the big names in danger of being left behind? And where should they be looking for...

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Procurement… Friend or foe?

17 May, 2011 - Source: BrightBlueDay

A frank look at procurement and it's changing role in today's age of austerity 

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Smartphone applications

15 November, 2010 - Source: BrightBlueDay

For most of us the smartphone is now firmly stitched into the fabric of our everyday lives. For many it’s become the device of choice. For a whole new generation it always has been. So how do we optimise our development process to ensure we make the most of...

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The imperfect store

03 May, 2011 - Source: BrightBlueDay

Having been a data planner for some 15 years, it’s heartening to see it’s not just data planners who are getting excited about data; how much there is, how secure it is, but moreover, how valuable it is.

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Turning New Technologies into Must Haves

15 February, 2011 - Source: BrightBlueDay

The history of technology is full of ideas or inventions that were initially dismissed as unworkable until finally their viability became so clear it seemed silly to have doubted them in the first place.

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