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Smarter Hydration

Client: Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd
Brand: Drench

Drench was an unknown bottled water with a limited marketing budget and relatively low distribution. It needed to muscle in on a provenance-led category with more than enough existing players. And to top it all off, the product itself had no USP, it was a spring water, from Yorkshire. So, we needed to punch above our weight, create name awareness fast and establish drench as a desirable brand for both consumers and the trade.

Strategically this meant taking a fresh approach. So, while competitors focus on provenance (Scottish highlands/ Volcanoes/ French mountains), drench would go straight to communicating its direct benefit to the consumer: hydration.
However we wanted to find a unique angle on this category generic and our research uncovered a powerful fact; that the brain is 75% water and needs hydrating to work at its best. This was a concept that was relatively new for consumers, but resonated very strongly in consumer research.

The creative solution was to show how brains perform better when they’re hydrated. We’ve now created a series of commercials for drench around ‘Smarter Hydration’ and the brand was given priority in front of store by Tesco after just 4 weeks of our first commercial breaking.

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