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Brick, Click, Social and Mobile

09 October, 2013 - Source: Cogent Elliott

MULTICHANNEL RETAIL MARKETING & THE RESPONSE TO CHANGING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR On the 26th September, Cogent Elliott hosted its fourth specialist marketing event of 2013, focusing on the changing face of retail.

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Why salience is the only type of differentiation that matters

14 August, 2013 - Source: Cogent Elliott

Differentiating a brand has long been held as a major objective in any communication. The need to demonstrate why a product and brand is different from the rest. How and why it is faster, cleaner, bigger, happier, sexier is now paramount for businesses to become successful marketers.

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5 things that busy teams forget to do with Google Analytics

07 August, 2013 - Source: Cogent Elliott

Google Analytics is now pretty much ubiquitous – it takes quite an effort to find a site that isn't using it in one guise or another. However ‘having’ Google Analytics and ‘doing something with it’ are two different things and here are the top five basic things that I...

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The next best thing: Building a CRM programme that works

02 August, 2013 - Source: Cogent Elliott

I would not want anyone to think that I am looking for a new job but from time to time while in an idle mood I will scan through the job vacancies to see if there might be anything interesting. This is not for me but for people who I...

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Geo-fencing and the humble SMS

25 July, 2013 - Source: Cogent Elliott

Making a difference with mobile marketing... The number of people using the fastest growing technology known to man (faster than radio in the 20s, TV in the 50s and the Internet in the 90s) is starting to plateau. We've all got mobile phones! Ok almost all - emerging...

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The Insider: Keith Gabriel

17 July, 2013 - Source: Cogent Elliott

Find out how life is from the inside of Cogent Elliott. This time from within our PR team.

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The digital convergence - content, social and SEO

16 July, 2013 - Source: Cogent Elliott

Digital marketing has come a long way over the past few years and new disciplines, previously bundled under the ‘online marketing’ umbrella, have now become stand-alone offerings in their own right. Search engine optimisation, social media and content marketing are three areas that have enjoyed huge growth and are now...

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Sweet things are made of this

08 July, 2013 - Source: Cogent Elliott

Every day when we leave our offices and workstations a hidden army arrives to restore order and neatness to said workplace. We never see them, we never hear from them, they leave behind very little evidence of their presence yet they are critical to the smooth running of our business.

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Google Reader and the death of the attention span

02 July, 2013 - Source: Cogent Elliott

Monday 1st July marked the demise of Google Reader, the much-loved RSS feed service that is the latest in a long line of products to be shelved by the search giant. The falling number of users is to blame, according to Google, but is the death of the most iconic...

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Effective marketing of Medical and Professional services

24 June, 2013 - Source: Cogent Elliott

There seems to be an inverse correlation between how easy it is to effectively market and actually marketing well. Generally speaking, marketing within the professional services industry, whether that's medicine, law, accountancy, consultancy or financial advisory services, has room for improvement.

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