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Say more by saying less

12 November, 2014 - Source: Dinosaur

How visual language can help you find your voice

The written word is arguably the most powerful and influential tool humanity has ever created. It allows us to share our stories, memories, ideas and much, much more.

But in today’s fast-paced world, where we’re literally competing for a few seconds of our consumers’ time, visuals are becoming mightier than the word.

By using easy-to-process visuals, we can quickly convey information in ways that text cannot. That’s why people, and even brands, are getting smart with their communications and shifting to a visual vocabulary that relies on photos, Emojis, video snippets and other imagery.

Thanks to rise of social networks like Vine and Instagram, people are increasingly using short video snippets to speak visually. Brands like Gap, Samsung, Volkswagen and Dove have already joined the feed, finding their own video voices or helping consumers to do so. 

One great example of this is from eBay, who cleverly used a 6-second Vine video to illustrated the ease of its new one-hour delivery service, eBay Now.

Even in traditional text-only communications, Emojis (tiny pictographs, for those not down with the tech speak) are increasingly being used to represent emotions, objects, actions and more, as a form of self-expression. But this is nothing new. Our alphabet actually started as a bunch of little visuals. So Emojis help re-capture something that is lost with text alone.

The clever use of visuals is an extremely effective way to simply complex messaging, speed up comprehension, create emotional connections and capture your audiences’ attention – and imagination, too.


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