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Tweet & Eat

Client: Innocent Ltd
Brand: Innocent Veg Pots


innocent came to us with a problem. Veg Pots were positioned as a perfect no-compromise lunch, however they weren't achieving a large reach of customers. A huge 50% of product sales were being generated by only 16% of their total consumers. We were tasked with growing the reach of Veg Pots, to help bring in new consumers.


The more you tweet, the cheaper you can eat. How simple is that?

This was a crowd sourced sampling campaign using the power of social recommendation in order to drive purchase intent and penetration.

Our succinct site allowed people to submit a tweet out to all their followers. All tweets contained #tweetandeat

There were 6 different levels of discount voucher ranging from ‘50p off’ to a completely ‘free’ Veg Pot.

Consumers were even able to request a direct message through Twitter in order to be alerted when the discount voucher was updated, ensuring that it remained a constant reminder to try. They could also literally see how far we were off the next level, encouraging people to beg their friends to tweet too, so that their beloved Veg Pot would cost them even less.

The nature of the Tweet and Eat mechanic meant that our audience, were not only talking about Veg pots at lunchtime, but we were then giving them an incentive to try.

tweets with #tweetandeat

Became a trending topic 4 hours after launch

Tweets reached over 5 million people

200,000 people visited the site to get involved

So far 40,000 people have downloaded a coupon to trial the product since October

Even if you didn’t tweet, and even if you didn’t eat, you would have seen lots of people talking about it in your streams, and this meant forcing our way into the minds of people still working out what they wanted for their lunches.


Across 2011 this was the only innocent Veg Pot activity and our recent brand tracking survey showed that awareness has increased a considerable 11% amongst our target audience.

However the result we are most proud of comes down to those that are actually buying. We started off knowing that 16% of our audience were buying innocent Veg Pots, and after our campaign this grew to a whopping 31%. This practically doubles the customer base which is an amazing result for any campaign.

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