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HROC PR | Top 5 Vending Machine Stunts

16 July, 2012 - Source: HROC

A run down of HROC's favourite vending machine stunts from the last year and around the world!

  • Vending machine
    Vending machine

Here at HROC PR we have noticed that there seems to be a renewed fascination with the huble vending machine, with many companies using it as a medium to create engaging PR stunts to promote their brand or new product.

Giving consumers a free sample in oreder to encourage the consumer to make a future purchase is undeniably successful, but this new twist on traditional sample giving is one that is proving even more effective.

Here, we count down our Top 5 vending machine stunts that have generated massive interest and brand awareness in celebration of the growing vending machine movement!

5. First up we have a fairly recent stunt from drinks giant  Coca-Cola that placed a single vending machine in Singapore. The machine dispensed Coke in return for hugs...that's right free Coke for hugging the machine! Developed as part of the brands 'open happiness' campaign, the stunt was so successful the company is looking to roll it out at sites across the rest of Asia.

4. At number four, and the biggest vending machine on our list, is  British Columbia which put at 14-foot high by 10-foot wide vending machine in the heart of San Francisco. The machine was used to advertise activities that were available as part of the British Columbia travel experience, with users walking away with gifts ranging from camping blankets to surf boards and even a rubber dinghy! The YouTube video has so far amassed more than 100,000 hits and the campign generated a great deal of coverage.

3. The middle child on our list - No 3 comes from Australian snack brand  Fantastic Snacks. They used a vending machine to see how far people would go for their snacks asking users to undergo a series of challenges to unlock themselves a free sample box of their latest product. Tied into an online campaign, the challenges ranged from pressing a button a certain number of times to kneeling in front of it and worshipping it...check out the video which has had more than 500,000 hits to see just how far some people went!

2. Narrowly missing out on the top spot is the cake dispensing ads used by Mr Kipling. At first glance the boards in the ad seem to be traditional advertising boards but upon closer inspection they are vending machines designed to dispense more that 500 free Angel Slices a day, once a minutes, at the touch of a button.

The campaign was designed to promote the launch of the new 'snap pack' Angel Slices. According to Creativity Online, one bus shelter on London's Tottenham Court Road even emits a cakey scent!

1. At No 1 on our list - our favourite stunt comes from drinks company BOS Ice Tea. They launched a vending machine called 'Bev' that diepenses samples of its tea when users tweet @BOS and use #BOSTWEET4T. The excellent use of social media engagement ensured that hype around the stunt was supported by and focused on the brands social media page spreading the stunt to a world wide audience - genius!





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