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Brands Must Reflect the Many Faces of the Modern Male

31 January, 2014 - Source: JWT

Research from leading advertising agency JWT London reveals that being married or in a committed relationship is actually more important to men (85%) than it is to women (79%). And expressing emotion, long depicted as a sign of male weakness, is now not just something most men are comfortable with,...

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Austerity Index - Wave 2

09 October, 2013 - Source: JWT

The triple dip has been averted, the double dip erased from history. Positive omens have been spotted in GDP, employment figures, the housing market, and the services sector. The politicians are telling us that this means recovery is nigh; yet others claim the green shoots will soon wither and die....

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#I’ve Arrived! Royal Baby will Tweet (and perhaps get a Tattoo)

12 July, 2013 - Source: JWT

JWT have conducted exclusive research on the expectations of the nation ahead of the royal birth.

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Austerity Index: JWT releases first wave of its new quarterly study of Britain’s response to austerity.

31 May, 2013 - Source: JWT

JWT London is proud to launch the first wave of the Austerity Index, a new quarterly research study which explores the impact of ongoing austerity on Britain’s consumers.

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Top 20 Things to Watch in 2013

21 February, 2013 - Source: JWT

As part of JWT’s global 100 Things to Watch list for the year ahead, JWT London presents the Top 20 Things to Watch in 2013. It’s a round-up of some of the latest sightings, manifestations and technologies which we expect to see breaking through this year in spheres like travel,...

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Britain...The Best Bits

26 July, 2012 - Source: JWT

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the London 2012 Olympic Games, Britain has been thrown into the spotlight. With this in mind, JWT London decided to take a closer look at the nation, its people and its future.

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Wish you were near: Holidays in the Age of Connected Travel

28 March, 2012 - Source: JWT

Spring has arrived and with it come thoughts of warmer weather and what to do with the longer days. So with a beach idyll in our mind’s eye, and wanderlust in our hearts, JWT London carried out some research into the British holidaymaker in 2012.

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X Factor: The social glue of Saturday nights

07 October, 2011 - Source: JWT

The X Factor live show juggernaut returns this weekend and it’s bringing the British public back together in a way that virtually no other show can rival.

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UK Anxiety Index - The Riots: Young people hold the harshest views on rioting

01 September, 2011 - Source: JWT

Anger, shock and disgust. These were the most common initial reactions to the riots that took place in London and across the UK in early August, but it may come as a surprise to discover that some of the harshest judgements on the rioting come from young people themselves, according...

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Royal Family 3.0: Wedding launches new era for the Royals?

21 April, 2011 - Source: JWT

The upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton looks set to deliver a shot in the arm for public perceptions of the British Royal Family and could even launch a glorious new era of popularity.

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