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The Death of Anticipation

15 February, 2011 - Source: Kindred

As a kid, it’s your favourite bedtime story, the final whistle. As a grown up, it’s your pitch preparations, the takeaway turning up, the Friday folly. Is there a more electric feeling than anticipation?

We’re killing that feeling. Mice are eating it alive, one click at a time. We sleepsurf into finding out so much chaff we know we can live without.

Take a new band. The less we know about them, the greater their power of seduction. We can fill the information void with all that good stuff. Project onto them our highest hopes, slowly build a belief they embody all those great mysteries within us. It’s never the same after a spontaneous search reveals the singer just finished mowing the lawn and the bassist’s boiler’s on the blink.

We’re able to access so much stuff but should that mean feebly giving up on the buzz of anticipation? No.

Anticipation is a currency craved more than ever before. An information void allows us to gleefully reconnect with those old friends: Suspense, intrigue and delayed reward. It offers temporary relief from the self-harm that is information addiction. So try it: http://worldunite.org. Confused? Job done. Relax into it. Good. Another? What about http://www.scariestthingieversaw.com. And now rest.

You have a right to enjoy anticipation. Don’t let marketers intrude on it either. Demand their work fires up your imagination. Demand stories that need unravelling not swallowing. Reject your information vice and demand an information void. Heed Mr Hitchcock:

“There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation.”

No anticipation was harmed in the making of this post

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