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' Green Home Improvements '

Client: Department of Energy and Climate Change
Brand: Green Deal

The challenge
More and more families are being hit by rising gas and electricity bills, but most don’t realise that it’s their inefficient homes that are one of the root causes; millions don’t have full double glazing; more than half don’t have enough insulation or an efficient condensing boiler. As well as costing us a fortune, our leaky homes account for about a quarter of all UK carbon emissions, contributing to climate change.

In order to tackle this, the government introduced the ‘Green Deal Home Improvement Fund’ – enabling people to get money back for making a range of energy-saving improvements to their home. However, although awareness of the Green Deal was high, sentiment about it was mixed. The offer was complex, involving multiple parties as well as a complicated reimbursement scheme. Prompting consumers to undertake home improvements in general is difficult. How could we present the Green Deal offer in such a way as to prompt significant uptake of it?

Audience insight
Although a lot of people want to be ‘greener’ and make their homes more energy-efficient, there has always been a barrier to action because of cost and because green has been positioned in the public eye as something that is a responsibility rather than of personal benefit. In order to make the deal enticing, we had to shift the language of the offer to present being green and energy-efficiency as an opportunity; this was a fantastic offer, but had hitherto been seen as hard to understand, difficult to apply for and even more difficult to be eligible for. Using the vernacular and visual familiarity of home-improvement and retail brands, we created a bold, offer-led campaign which simplified everything down to one core benefit.

We created an integrated campaign including press, posters, radio and digital display – backup up by PR and activation planned through DECC itself. The campaign’s success was to be measured by the amount of funds applied for during the campaign period; the ambition was to administer all funds within six months. The campaign was so successful that the fund was used up within 5 weeks.

One more thing
This one was a fast-mover in more than one respect; we planned for, designed, shot, produced and supplied the first creative for the campaign within two weeks of receiving the brief.

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