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Cyber Streetwise

Client: Home Office
Brand: Home Office

The challenge
Cyber crime costs the UK 24 billion pounds a year, comparable to the Nation’s annual Defence budget. It often results in not only financial loss but also substantial emotional turmoil. Yet much of it is easily preventable.

The Home Office appointed Kindred to help consumers and small businesses stay safe online by taking simple actions to protect themselves.

Audience insight
Virtually everyone now spends a significant proportion of their daily lives online – literally living through their smart phones, tablets and computers. Yet while 90% of people recognise the impact cyber crime would have on their lives, less than 60% are actually doing anything to protect themselves.

Our challenge was to overcome this inertia by highlighting how three simple steps can help people stay safe online. Consumer research showed that creating sustainable behaviour change required a campaign which balances jeopardy with solution and, vitally, engages through a warm tonality.

We wanted a spokesperson capable of delivering savvy messages. What better ‘person’ then than a streetwise cat? So, in partnership with Studio AKA, a leading animation and illustration house, we developed a campaign featuring a streetwise cat who delivers easy to follow advice in a straightforward yet engaging way. The campaign to date has run across a wide range of media including VoD, digital posters, press, radio and a wide range of digital/point-of-behaviour channels.

Results will be published in February 2016, but early indications are encouraging; the campaign has been well received across government, stakeholders and partners.

One more thing
Although never mentioned in the campaign itself, our Cyber Streetwise cat is called ‘Bob’.

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