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How Radio Mobilises People through the Purchase Funnel

17 March, 2011 - Source: Radio Advertising Bureau

Over the last three years, the Commercial Radio industry has invested over a million pounds via the RAB into bespoke research projects and RadioGauge to demonstrate the effectiveness of radio to individual advertisers. Whilst we are unable to publish the specific results for individual brands, ‘Making Waves’ aggregates the data from these initiatives to reveal how, at a headline level, radio advertising delivers powerful and consistent results throughout the purchase funnel.


  • Making Waves: Mobilising People through the Purchase Funnel
    Making Waves: Mobilising People through the Purchase Funnel
  • How Radio Influences Purchase Funnel
    How Radio Influences Purchase Funnel

Case studies are vital to understanding effectiveness in communications and marketing, and the commercial radio industry's core service in this area is RadioGauge, the RAB's award-winning, continuous nationwide study which measures not only advertising effectiveness but also creative diagnostics. However, sometimes brands advertise in a way which makes it difficult for the ongoing RadioGauge surveys to measure effectiveness – sometimes they advertise only in certain regions or over limited periods.

When this happens, bespoke research studies are often set up (sometimes co-funded by the radio stations) using a variety of different methods and techniques – telephone interviews, split-sample surveys, even analysis of respondents' browsing histories.

Within each of these individual studies there is useful insight into the way radio works, and so this project was commissioned to take a closer look at all the results of recent bespoke projects and draw conclusions about radio's advertising effectiveness.

The conclusions all relate to different stages of the 'purchase funnel' – the stages on the consumer journey towards the purchase of a product or service. The findings of each individual project remain confidential to the companies involved, so specific brand findings in this review have been made anonymous as appropriate.

The case studies in this review were all drawn from 15 radio campaigns from 8 different categories (retail, pharmaceutical, fmcg, automotive, travel, government, media & ents, publishing) researched across 2008-10, and the review was conducted by Andrew Ingram of Radar Consulting. The RAB would like to thank all the research companies involved in these studies, notably Other Lines of Enquiry (who also run the RadioGauge project), Clark Chapman, Synovate, Dunnhumby and Dollywagon.

If you would like to know more about the way radio can work for your brands throughout the purchase funnel, please contact the RAB Strategy Consultant team on 020 3206 7888.

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