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Client: Estée Lauder
Brand: Clinique


Clinique wanted to do that most difficult of things – appeal to a younger audience. They planned to launch Clinique POP – a funky new range of cheaper lipsticks - but this is a particularly cynical audience, who won’t just believe what they’re told or do what you say– and it doesn’t matter how much money you spend trying to convince them.


This is a channel savvy audience that gets most excited when it becomes part of the brand/product experience. To populate popular culture we had to create an inclusive campaign that put them in control, but equally allowed us to keep a tight reign on the brand’s premium image.

Self-expression rates pretty highly on our audience’s ‘like-to-do’ list. And they have their own social media lexicon to shorthand with each other. We killed two creative birds with one stone – dialling self-expression up to the max– by giving girls the chance to become the lips of the new POP campaign through Cosmopolitan Magazine and Instagram. And then using the lip selfies they sent us to create high impact advertising visuals around our millennial’s favourite social acronyms.

It meant our new audience were literally authenticating Clinique. The winning lips became part of giant, unmissable OOH hoardings and special builds across the country – true modelling fame.

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