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Moving Out

Client: Lloyds Banking Group
Brand: Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Banking Group, the leading British retail and commercial bank, has turned to creative engagement agency Rufus Leonard, creative and digital agency RKRC/Y&R, Strategic 121 agency Proximity London, and media agency MEC, to help redefine the identity and customer experience of its most iconic brand, Lloyds Bank. The new brand positioning, identity and through-the-line campaign aim to demonstrate that the bank is continually evolving and truly understands what matters in life today. A more overtly customer-led approach, leading with their needs and wants, was central to the development of the new Lloyds Bank brand.

This ambitious transformation of its business builds upon the significant shifts in the financial services market in recent years. Customers’ lives and attitudes have changed fundamentally and as a result so too have their expectations of banking services. 

Brand & Business Transformation

The brief was to leverage the unique heritage and expertise of Lloyds Bank, which next year marks its 250th anniversary, and deliver a revitalised brand that connects with customers in a contemporary, engaging and distinctive way.

The role of Rufus Leonard

Rufus Leonard united the full range of the bank’s activities under a single master brand for the first time, creating a dynamic, flexible visual identity.
Creative Director James Ramsden says “We wanted to reflect the amazing heritage of Lloyds Bank, a brand that’s been in our lives for generations. We modernised the iconic Black Horse for the digital age, sourced an enormous range of emotive imagery that reflects the reality of customers’ lives and created a tone of voice that feels like ‘a breath of fresh air’” 

Rufus Leonard went on to evolve these principles into a visual language that works across the whole business and communications mix, transforming Lloyds Bank and giving it a modern yet familiar feel.

Quality and quantity

A project of this scale, involving all aspects of the business, encompassed a revamped in-branch experience with new fascias, colleague uniforms and marketing literature plus internal engagement material. A whole new look and feel for personal, business and private banking has been created across their debit/credit cards, websites and stationery – all flexible enough to manage the diverse range of specialist audiences without losing the clear logic of the brand.

Throughout the journey, Rufus Leonard has been instrumental in solving the massive challenges that arise when bringing a brand of such large scale to life. These included everything from crafting and animating the iconic black horse, for use in thousands of instances, to redesigning the full suite of debit and credit cards, developing mobile interfaces, refreshing the look and feel of the website and guiding the agency network through the design and delivery of the brochures for launch.

Neil Svensen, CEO at Rufus Leonard says, "The UK offers a mix of strong, active banking brands up and down our high street. It's been our job, working alongside our creative partners, to put Lloyds Bank back in its rightful place as the best bank for Britain. We're confident that the creative we've delivered has given this brand a new lease of life to ensure Lloyds Bank is fighting fit for any challenges ahead."

The role of RKCR/Y&R

RKCR/Y&R led the positioning and brand strategy for the new bank, which culminated in a campaign that ultimately touches all parts of the business. The strategic direction allows the bank to position itself as truly in tune with the needs of its customers, and there for the challenges and opportunities they face today.

RKCR/Y&R’s new creative approach features distinct and differentiated creative that redefines the bank, and carves a unique position for Lloyds Bank within the financial services sector.
The integrated programme of launch communications include TV, social activation, engagement events, OOH, Press, Radio and digital display.

Ben Kay, CEO of RKCR/Y&R says: ‘Lloyds Bank has been a leading presence on the high street, and backing British businesses, for generations. The rebrand afforded us an opportunity to revisit and draw on the role banks should play in customers’ lives today, and create work that is as distinct and salient as it is credible and meaningful This required a fresh creative approach and work that would stand out in the category’

The role of Proximity London

Proximity London are Lloyds Banks strategic 121 agency and have been integral in helping develop and translate the new brand, bringing it to life both visually and tonally in all direct communications including DM, email and digital. The new ‘breath of fresh air’ tone of voice has initiated a step change in the way Lloyds Bank talk to their customers and we have taken the opportunity to apply this approach not just to marketing comms, but also to mandatory and service comms to deliver a more consistent customer experience.  

Sharon Whale Deputy Chairman of Proximity London says "Lloyds Bank rebrand has been a project with huge and diverse reach and we are proud of the role we have played and are continuing to play. It has given us with a real platform to differentiate Lloyds Bank customer communications moving forwards."

The role of MEC

Global media agency MEC, has worked with Lloyds Bank to create a communications strategy and media plan to launch the bank’s new brand positioning and support all parts of the business which unifies and communicates its core values. 

The work that MEC has produced successfully recognised a shift in Lloyds Bank’s approach to its media activity to focus on placements with high-end media that aligns with the bank’s target of a more premium position in the banking sector. This includes securing marquee brand partnerships in print with The Times, Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph, alongside Channel 4 in the broadcast sector. These executions have allowed Lloyds Bank to dramatise the macro issues within the industry and demonstrate its commitment to tackling what matters most to customers. 

Stuart Bowden, MD, MEC said: “A project of this scale has allowed the agency to utilise its full expertise to deliver a strategic vision that matches the aims of the Lloyds Bank brand. This includes making full use our unparalleled analytics and insights department to consistently monitor how the rebrand is being received by its target audience. We look to forward to supporting Lloyds Bank in delivering a service that recognises and responds to the needs of its customers.”

The new Lloyds Bank identity is launched across the UK, today, the 23rd September.

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