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What is Haystack?
Haystackonline is a resource specifically designed to support marketers. It is a fully searchable, easy to use, resource database of agency information, news and whitepapers that will help visitors stay in touch with every kind of development in marketing, advertising and media

How does Haystack differ from online agency directories?
Haystack is designed to not only get you quickly to information, insight and inspiration on your area of interest, it puts you in direct contact with the source of the material that interests you.

Who is behind Haystack?
Haystack is the online resource of The Haystack Group, a consultancy group, established in 2001, specialising in enabling clients to access and work with the very best marketing resources available to optimise performance for their brands and their business.

What are the benefit of registering?
By registering on Haystack you can get deeper access to the site and begin to influence the way the site grows and develops to meet your needs.

How much does it cost?
It costs nothing for clients to register on the site and find their way around, but we do ask for your contact details and interests so that should you find it helpful we can contact you occasionally with updates we think may be of interest. We will make sure you are working for a client company before you are able to download documents from the site. Agencies and other companies that sell services to client and agencies that wish to display their work and contribute their thinking are charged a subscription fee to use the Haystack Platform as part of their business development tool kit.


How can Haystack help me find the right agency?
Haystackonline is a starting point to help you identify the sort of agency you want to work with. You may spot work you like on the front page, which is constantly changing or might want to explore the site by checking specific disciplines or sectors or you may have a very specific thought that you type into the search window. Whatever your start point, you will be linked directly with the work, news, agency or even people on the site that best match what you are looking for.

How do I get more information about an agency or project?
You can contact the agency directly or by all mean contact us at Haystack and we will help you develop your search and help you find what you are looking for.

How do I compare agencies side by side?
Once you are registered as a client, you have the facility to save work linked to agencies and come back to it later. As you log in you will have the ability to compare agencies you have saved.

How do I contact agencies anonymously?
Once we have confirmed you are working for a client company, you will have the ability to email agencies anonymously requesting further information, if you are at a stage in your deliberations where revealing who you are would be inappropriate.

How do I get expert advice?
We are always on hand to help. We will often be able to answer your questions or point you in the right direction immediately. If we can't we have the experience and contacts to find the answers you need. We may need to charge for some requests but we will always let you know and there is no obligation to use our paid for services at any time.


How do I create a presence on Haystack for my agency?
Just contact us and we will talk you through the packages and benefits of having a presence on Haystack. Once you have decided to subscribe and appointed an administrator for your area, they will be given access and be able to upload information about your company and work you have done immediately.

How can I get more exposure through Haystack?
The more you upload, the more frequently you upload it the more visible you become. But tag your work properly so that it is most relevant to client searches. Your work or information appearing in a search may be the first contact you have with your next new client.

How do I know users contacting me are bona fide clients and not competitors?
The only people able to use the anonymous email facility from the site are clients we have validated as currently working for a client organisation.

What is the Dashboard and how do I access it?
As an appointed administrator, you will get access to your own dashboard area. It is here that you can update your work and insights or see how many people are visiting your agency area and whether they are letting you know they like your work.

How is my agency ranking calculated?
Each agency gets a ranking based on how many times it appears in a results section and is viewed, how often work is uploaded and how recently the agency section is updated. The more you keep up to date, the more you are seen the higher your ranking.

How do I showcase projects on my home page?
Every new item gets some visibility on the home page. We will be selecting and promoting work that is of particular interest and any work that is getting a lot of attention will appear on the homepage.

How do I customise my pages?
You have complete control over your pages through the dashboard area. You can change the design and decide what is seen or not seen. You can change the colour or crop images to look their best. And most importantly you can tag your work to be seen when the most relevant.

How do I upload case studies?
The dashboard has a 'walkthrough' to help you and remind you how to upload items and manage your area. And if you can't find the answers you need. We are always here to help.

Just email us at needle@thehaystackgroup.com

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