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The path to purchase is independent; brands should embrace this

21 April, 2015 - Source: Animl

Brands are increasingly considering the customer experience from advice to purchase, and how to make this journey cohesive. But the rise of branded advice might not be the best solution. Perhaps we should look to independents to provide advice and focus on product innovation? 

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Designer and researcher: the new creative partnership

01 April, 2015 - Source: Foolproof

In the 20th Century creating a close partnership between copywriter and art director led to a creative renaissance in advertising. In the 21st century the relationship between designer and researcher will do the same.

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The future of the brand book

02 March, 2015 - Source: Studio Output

The Future of the Brand Book 

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Good content makes for contented clients

01 March, 2015 - Source: Kindred

A piece from the Kindred team on what good content marketing means and some do's and don'ts...

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The e-petition killed Dapper Laughs but will it bring down Littlewoods' Myleene Klass?

01 December, 2014 - Source: Animl

Brands should see the rise of the online petition as a blessing not a curse. The recent petition for Littlewoods to drop Myleene Klass provides an opportunity, not a headache. 

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‘Binge & Purge – how to try and get people to please, please drink responsibly.’

26 November, 2014 - Source: The Gate

‘Everything in moderation – especially moderation.’ Appropriately, the origin of that battle cry for excess all areas is a little hazy. It’s like History woke up after a particularly big night out and thought ‘Why was that a good idea? Who was it in the pub that ordered the flaming...

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Balancing the traditional vs. digital spend in retail. The Animl view.

05 November, 2014 - Source: Animl

As Christmas approaches, retail continues to evolve. But how does this impact concerns about balancing traditional and digital media spend? Animl looks at how to strike this balance and how to unite consumer interactions wherever they are.  

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The Perfect Storm – media fragmentation & growth

04 November, 2014 - Source: Haystack

“If we think the internet has served up some big changes, wait until the mobile and social revolution really gets going. It’s a massive change and it’s only just begun.”  Keith Weed, CMO at Unilever suggests the tides have turned and the...

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Why brand purpose is everything. The view from Animl.

28 October, 2014 - Source: Animl

Richard Neville, the founder of digital agency Animl, shares the learnings from his recent TED Talk at Unilever about why brands should take on social causes.

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