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The path to purchase is independent; brands should embrace this

21 April, 2015 - Source: Animl

Brands are increasingly considering the customer experience from advice to purchase, and how to make this journey cohesive. But the rise of branded advice might not be the best solution. Perhaps we should look to independents to provide advice and focus on product innovation? 

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Social Media use by independent retailers research

17 April, 2015 - Source: Tangent Snowball

How independent retailers are using social to drive footfall

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Considering the customer experience – from advice to purchase – how to make it cohesive

15 April, 2015 - Source: Table 19

The days of ‘the funnel’ have gone. Of course there is still a time and place for a linear sales journey, but a seemingly gradual realisation that people don’t generally operate in a linear way has meant that marketers have had to completely reassess how they generate and convert demand...

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The Election Section

14 April, 2015 - Source: Table 19

Sorry. This is a thing about the election. I know it’s all over the TV and the papers and your apps and everything. And you’re probably bored already. But working in this industry, I thought I’d cast a one-eyed once-over of political ads of now and then to see...

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Try a little tenderness…It’s a relationship.

14 April, 2015 - Source: Else

From advice to purchase - how to ensure the consumer experience is personalised and more cohesive.

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The New Era of Retail

10 April, 2015 - Source: Tangent Snowball

Why total retail won't bring about the demise of the High Street 2015 has been heralded as the year of ‘Total Retail’ – the year that on- and off-line finally achieve the integrated status that has been so long held up as the Holy Grail. However, for this...

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P2P providers are winning because they are hitting customer needs better

10 April, 2015 - Source: Table 19

In one guise or another, peer-to-peer lending has been around as long as money has. But it’s only since the launch of Zopa in the UK in 2005 that it started to develop into an industry currently worth £900m pa, and predicted to top the £1b mark before the year...

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DesignTable - Life hacks and seamless experiences

01 April, 2015 - Source: Table 19

Hello... Design’s role in everyday life is as varied as it is far reaching. It permeates almost everything we see in the modern environment and its influence is almost impossible to escape. This week on The Design Table we’re gonna be talking life hacks and seamless experiences. Two...

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The Audience Journey, questions every marketing director should be asking

01 April, 2015 - Source: One Two Four

At ONE TWO FOUR, content strategy and planning starts with the audience journey. Our infographic identifies the questions brands should be asking to be relevant and create fans for life.

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