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SpotTable19 - The power to enjoy

26 May, 2015 - Source: Table 19

Whether it's reading a book or ordering takeaway, consumers don't have to settle for an ordinary experience. Brands can give us the tools and technology to transform the mundane into the remarkable. In this week's SpotTable we've rounded up some unique ways people are getting the most out of everyday...

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Digital Shoreditch: The future of things to come

20 May, 2015 - Source: Fold7

Last week, some of the Fold7 team headed down to Digital Shoreditch for its ‘NEXT’ event, which explored new ideas and future technologies. Here are four key takeouts, which got us thinking about what lies ahead.

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SpotTable19 - The power in your hands

19 May, 2015 - Source: Table 19

As technology advances, and we become more comfortable with its developments, brands are able to empower consumers to create and impact upon the world around them. How does this change the way companies develop and innovate?

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Wearable Tech: He who wears, wins

13 May, 2015 - Source: Bray Leino

 Bray Leino's top digital copywriter Paul Trueman takes a look at why the warehouse, not the Apple store, is the place to be for wearables right now.

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SpotTable19 - Empowerment

12 May, 2015 - Source: Table 19

A lot of us want to do our bit for society but sometimes things just get in the way. We're not always empowered to make better choices, look after the environment or support our communities. How can organisations and brands provide the tools and motivation to help us...

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What are the long-term forces shaping the future of the built environment and what opportunities will these create for innovation?

11 May, 2015 - Source: Dragon Rouge

Travis Perkins and Dragon Rouge have been working together to explore how we will live and work in the future.  We spoke to engineers, architects, academics, critics, data specialists, designers, futurologists, magazine editors, researchers and students in search for answers to questions such as: How can we help people make...

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Over 50s: The Fortunate Generation

11 May, 2015 - Source: Above+Beyond

  Given that 79% of all disposable wealth in the UK is controlled by people aged 50-65, we were surprised to learn that the vast majority of this age group feel that advertising is not aimed at them.   Consequently in February 2015, we conducted a series...

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08 May, 2015 - Source: McCann Manchester

The British general election has confounded the predictions of all the pundits and market research firms. For weeks in the run up to the election, the pollsters were predicting hung parliaments and minority governments right up to polling day. When the first exit poll emerged after the polling...

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‘The lost generation? Why aren’t more brands marketing to the over 60s?

07 May, 2015 - Source: RKCR / Y&R

It’s become accepted wisdom that brands and marketers are obsessed with extracting every pound possible from alienated Millennials while ignoring the burgeoning over-60s market.

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SpotTable19 - Remarkable Cause

05 May, 2015 - Source: Table 19

Drawing attention to a worthy cause is one thing. Wowing people enough to change their behaviour is another. Sometimes the only way to effectively convey a message is to put people in an unusual situation or show them something unexpected.

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