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Understanding Gen Z: the first digital natives

13 October, 2016 - Source: Foolproof

Gen Z is the post millennial generation – the eldest of whom is no more than eighteen years old. They are true digital natives, and were just nine years old when the first gen iPhone was released back in 2007. These are people who have never had the pleasure of...

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Apple Pay and loyalty

01 December, 2015 - Source: Foolproof

This report examines the mobile payments market and the opportunities created by Apple Pay and the Apple ‘Wallet’ to link rewards and mobile payments more seamlessly.We look closely at consumers’ misgivings with traditional loyalty schemes, as well as the role that mobile can play in transforming the retail experience.The report...

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What are the long-term forces shaping the future of the built environment and what opportunities will these create for innovation?

11 May, 2015 - Source: Dragon Rouge

Travis Perkins and Dragon Rouge have been working together to explore how we will live and work in the future.  We spoke to engineers, architects, academics, critics, data specialists, designers, futurologists, magazine editors, researchers and students in search for answers to questions such as: How can we help people make...

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How Google could reshape online market research and micropayments

11 September, 2012 - Source: Guardian

A 'surveywall' may be more palatable than a paywall, especially for younger users

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How do you measure advertising engagement?

04 September, 2012 - Source: Guardian

Ian Gibbs discusses the findings of the Guardian's latest research into audience engagement and the future of online advertising display

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German connected device owners super media content consumers

31 August, 2012 - Source: Advanced Television

Decipher Research, have released the phase one results of a three-part study exploring connected TV device usage and advanced advertising...

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