(Zoom Interface Protocol Pitch)

If Covid-19 has brought us any benefits, it has brought us the realisation that we can be just as effective working remotely as we can be meeting face to face.

When running a P.I.T.C.H for a new agency or marketing service company, there are certain aspects that need to be modified in the world of remote meetings, to get the best from the prospective agencies and make life easier for you. P.I.T.C.H is our proprietary process for selecting an agency, that is as flexible as it is meticulous, in supporting you every step of the way. A ZIP P.I.T.C.H, is based on our full process but has been modified for the world where 'ZOOM Interface Protocol' needs to be adopted (although it works for any other platform you might be using).

Our ZIP P.I.T.C.H Process

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