Haystack offers clients a range of consulting services, both online and bespoke, to help you identify and work with agencies that can improve your marketing performance.


The Haystack Group is a consultancy group specialising in enabling clients to access and work with the very best marketing resources available, to optimise the performance of their brands and their business.

Our role is to identify which agencies to work with and help clients set up the framework for effective and efficient engagement. From there we are able to monitor performance and outcomes, to ensure that best value for money is always delivered to the project brief or the scope of work.

Whenever you need a new agency, or wish to supplement the skills you already have, simply contact us. We will be delighted to explore the many ways in which we can best help you.

Bespoke P.I.T.C.H Services for Clients

P.I.T.C.H is our pitch management process, created through over 15 years of experience. Using this as a basis for each assignment, we can design our support to suit your specific needs:

  • Full P.I.T.C.H management or design and process support, depending on your requirements and available resource
  • Half-day or full-day training to get your team off to the best start possible
  • Advice on Long List selection, along with on-screen consultancy regarding agency choices
  • Support in drafting RFI's and RFP's
  • Online P.I.T.C.H management with Support Pack to guide you every step of the way

Agency Services

Haystackonline.com is probably the most sophisticated agency identification platform available to clients in the UK. By subscribing to the platform, each agency receives regular reporting designed to help them improve the focus and targeting of their new business efforts. Our services for agencies include:

  • Online profile to showcase your services and be found in relevant searches 
    - Quarterly reporting to demonstrate how well your profile is performing.
  • Half-day review of your agency credentials, ensuring that your positioning and promise are clearly supported by the evidence of your work
  • Training your teams to deliver effective Initial Chemistry meetings / Tissue meetings / Pitch meetings
  •  Consultancy to help define and refine your agency positioning and new business approach


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