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About Haystackonline

Haystackonline is the most comprehensive support available for developing your agency long list and running your next pitch. With a sophisticated search tool at the core of our site and access to our proven process and support tools, you will be able to plan and deliver your next agency pitch with true professionalism and total confidence. 

Quick Guides:
At the top of each page there is a 'Quick Guide' button, to help you find your way around and get the most out of our online tool. From selecting your criteria, to refining the results through to storing and sharing agency lists with colleagues, you can do it all on haystackonline

Advanced Search:
Haystackonline’s search capability is like no other. It matches each agency to your requirements and then gives you the opportunity to fine tune your search by prioritising your criteria or sort by specific requirements. You can then save your chosen agencies into a ‘Stack’, share the stack with your colleagues, or contact all of the agencies through the platform.

More Agencies:

Haystackonline has more agencies spread across more categories than any other platform. We don’t just gather any agencies, but focus on a good cross section to offer you the diversity of skills you will need to deliver your marketing plan. If you ever spot a gap, let us know via our Feedback button and we will make sure we find more agencies that can help you. 

Expert Support: 
We have been running pitches for over 15 years and have captured all our experience in a concise process we call P.I.T.C.H. This is available to all our registered client users along with a suite of documents and tools, to get you on your way and keep you on track throughout the process. 

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