Last updated 18.04.19


We are positive change makers.

We are Kindred.

People demand more from brands today. They want products, movements and campaigns that stand for something. They want more action, more transparency, more responsibility.

And so do we.

That’s why we only work with businesses we admire, on problems we want to solve.

Whether it’s through advertising, PR, social, digital, content creation, partnerships, influencer marketing or the right blend of all, making lasting change is what we do.

It’s what we’ve done for 20 years. And it’s what we’re doing now for HM Government, FOX, Lufthansa, IKEA, NCS and more.

We are positive change makers.

We are Kindred.

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Experience & Skills

Sector Experience

  • Automotive
    New Cars
  • Grocery

Agency Skills

  • Social
    Content Marketing
  • Digital
    Digital Strategy

Current Clients

  • COI
  • Volkswagen Group (UK) Ltd
  • Tommee Tippee



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