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It is not just about more leads, it is about more of the right leads

Rule one of new business is to make sure you are getting enough leads. Rule two: make sure you are getting a good conversion rate. Haystackonline is designed to help you with both, simultaneously. By matching you with the right opportunities, our registered client visitors can contact you directly and already know why you are a valuable addition to their long list. This reduces hours of prospecting and meetings that lead nowhere, because you simply do not match a client’s most basic requirements.

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Credentials Review

Often, the first impression you make with a new client is your credentials deck and/or intro document, which is why Credentials Reviews are now included in our agency subscription packages. Having seen literally thousands over the years, we can help you communicate what is really important to your prospective client and edit out all the stuff that, frankly, can put them off. Offered as a one-off generic review, or specific consultancy on a pitch we are not managing directly, we will help you improve your hit rate and build the quality of your interaction with prospective new clients.

NB. This service is also available to non-subscribing agencies at a fee of £750+ VAT per review

Virtual Pitch Reviews of Rehearsals & Recordings 

As the majority of pitch processes are being managed online, agencies have had to adjust the way in which they present their final presentations to clients remotely. Our agency subscription packages now include reviews of online pitch rehearsals (in situ), or reviews of a recording, to provide you with very specific, written feedback relating to the presentation, involvement of the team, the energy of delivery and clarity around how directly you answered the brief. You can then use this document, as you wish to adjust your presentation style collectively in future virtual pitch meetings. 

NB. This service is also available to non-subscribing agencies at a fee of £1,000+ VAT per review

More On Subscriptions

Pitch Management Training

Once you are on the list, staying there and coming out on top is everything. Having managed hundreds of pitches worth millions of pounds, we have seen even the best agencies fall by the wayside through the most basic mistakes. We have also coached agencies that have struggled to get through chemistry, to improve their conversion rate by over 90%. And we have helped agencies get appointed on the pitches that really matter, simply by helping them focus on what it is about them that matters to the client, not to themselves. Contact us and let’s start talking about how we can help you.

Relationship Review 

Sometimes, it is not just about new business, but maintaining and improving the relationships you have. We can work with you to identify and improve the areas of weakness, or opportunity, that might exist with your current clients, but that it is hard to see in the cut and thrust of day to day business. A simple digital assessment tool can get to the nub of building better relationships without unnecessarily disrupting or derailing the current ways of working. Click here and we’ll get you back on the road to long-term, profitable relationships. 

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