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This is the most powerful Agency Navigator available currently, allowing you full access to all our agency knowledge and the ability to match agencies to your specific needs. 

In addition to this revolutionary online tool we are able to help you in a variety of ways to get the best agency relationships in place and the best out of each of your agency relationships. 


P.I.T.C.H is our tried and tested Pitch Management process,which you can license and access as a registered user (available to employees of client companies only). We provide all the supporting documentation and workflow to run a clearly defined pitch process, from selecting the long list' through our powerful online search and selection tool, to using our templates to communicate with your candidate agencies and selecting the one best suited to your needs. We help you compare fees as well as compare the quality of the agencies through written submission and meetings. And we are always on-hand to help, should you need advice or further information along the way. 

Pitch Management Training

Sometimes, just having someone walk you through the process, so that you can ask questions that are specific to your circumstances, is the best way to get started. we offer full day courses to make sure your team are fully prepared and ready to run the pitch and our a license to P.I.T.C.H is included in the price of our training' so you are ready to get going, right from the moment you leave the room. We can train one on one, or up to a team of six, so that everyone within your organisation follows the same process and can share their learning along the way. 

Fast Track Pitch Workshop

Already know what you are doing, but what help identifying your long list and have an industry expert help you plan for the process? We will work with you to select the agencies to include and refine the process to get you the best results in the shortest time possible. Our experienced consultants will work with your for a half day session, to refine all aspects of your process and discuss how best to define the requirements you need from your agencies on the long list. We will help you populate your long list and ensure you have all angles considered before you get started. 

Managed Pitches

Want the professionals to design and manage the process? To take responsibility for making sure every aspect is properly covered and that all your own stakeholders are fully involved without having them get immersed in unnecessary detail? We have over 15 years of experience in designing and running pitches for clients large and small, making sure all relevant questions are answered; clear, well founded decisions are made and good contracts and remuneration agreements are established to ensure a positive and productive relationship with the new agency. We are here to help you get to the right solution' but without you getting submerged in the administration and detail necessary to be sure the process runs smoothly. 

Assisted Pitches

Have all the resource you need in place to run your pitch, but feel an experienced overview would help make sure you stay on track and not miss anything along the way? We can be on hand to help support your core pitch team and act as a sounding board, to ensure that all angles are being covered and each aspect of the pitch is generating the information you will need to make a decision. We are like a coaching team, preparing you for the pitch and sitting in the background to help you refine your approach as the process progresses. 

Relationship Audits and Management

Keeping the relationship on track requires clarity around what is expected and what is being delivered - from both parties. We work closely with Relationship Audits and Management to assess the quality of relationships, identify the weak points and determine how to address the areas that are frustrating the smooth running of things. Click here to see how the fully automated RADAR system could help keep your agency relationship on track. 


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