Matching you to more of the right opportunities

Why Your Agency Should be on haystackonline

Haystackonline is not just a listing service. It is a new dynamic tool to help clients create a long list of agencies that have been matched against their specific needs. Haystackonline will help you get on more lists that meet your new business objectives.

What makes it different?

By subscribing, you will be able to define your agency by the experience you have, by the opportunities you seek and by the brand challenges you have addressed along the way. Our algorithm matches this information with the needs of the client and ranks your agency against all the aspects of the client search. If the client changes their priorities, your score will go up or down accordingly. That way, you will be considered for the opportunities that you have the best chance of winning.

Making the most of your profile.

Not only can you add all the basic information to you profile, but by subscribing, you can focus on those client opportunities that you are really going after; by sector or by brand.  

And that’s not all. We will provide you with regular feedback, so you can see the searches that your agency has been matched to, how you have fared against other agencies and then we can help you plan how to get more focused on your new business efforts, to connect with the types of clients that will build your agency. 

 Get Started

Simply check to see if we already have your agency listed, complete a few basic details and then begin adding content to your very own profile.

There is no charge for listing your agency and you can preview your profile at each package level, before you choose to subscribe.

Want to know more?

There are a number of ways we can help you build a sharper, more focused new business approach. 


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